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Making is my way of understanding. I hold great esteem to intuition. I find the deepest truths through accessing a mind that has no hesitancy. Alignment of events through life, that are lead by chance direct the exact reality that we exist in. Trusting a mark or a movement in a particular moment leads to new relationships. No new idea is made until two stimuli are brought into relation with one another. This is why trusting feelings and chance in a moment to moment basis catalyzes creativity.


The materials of clay and paint communicate dimension and color. The exploration of form within all three dimensions of space ends up relating my work to physics ideologies. The process of understanding my work does stand in a different stage however. This is one of reflection. It is a theory in quantum physics that the future can have an effect on the present. For example, this happens as the poems I write on the back of my paintings after completion inform them. The poems are even further explored through reflection in day to day living. The work that I make teaches me about my reality and relativity. 


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